Seller's Guide

Here at, we work for you. Our objective is to promote and sell your item(s) to the best of our ability while maintaining and expanding on an excellent base of customers seeking a wide variety of quality goods. Due to space restrictions and limitations, we can only accept a limited amount of furniture and large items per auction. Please contact Office / Showroom regarding availability to accept your larger items prior to bringing to our Showroom.

There is a list of restricted and/or unaccepted items. Please refer to the consigned item guidelines.

Consigned Items Guidelines

Once you determine what you want to consign with, you, as a seller, will need to prepare your items before dropping off items for consignment.

To begin, you will need 3 x 5 index cards (please, no other sizes or types of paper). Write your consignment seller number in the upper right hand corner. This tells us who the item belongs to (If you do not have a consignment number, please call our office during business hours and a permanent consignor number will be given to you).

Leave approximately ½ ‘’ space at the top of the card (leave first couple of lines blank). From there, write a detailed description of your item or lot. A lot is a grouping of more than one item per listing. The description should include what the item is, its condition, any damage, measurements and model number whenever applicable. This is how your item description will read, so be sure to point out those things a buyer would want to know. Attach the completed card to your item with a small piece of scotch tape or painter's tape. Use care when applying the tape to ensure the item will not be damaged when the tape is removed. Do NOT use tape if it will damage (paper items, etc.).

Finally, prepare the Consignment Manifest of all items you are dropping off for the auction. Please note that the list does not need to be as detailed as the descriptions on the index cards.

  • Name
  • Consignor No
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

You will find a link to the Consignment Manifest and the Online Auction Agreement at the bottom of the Seller page. You may also complete these documents in our Showroom at the time of drop off.

Shortly after the close of the auction, you will receive a preliminary settlement via email. The preliminary settlement is for you, the consignor, to review the list of items sold under your consignment number. Please make note of any missing/extra items before checks are mailed, 10 business days after the close of the auction. Please call the office during business hours with any discrepancies.
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